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Avantage Energie – Avantage Isolation Picardie

The main aims pursued by the Picardie Avantage Isolation – (PAI) and the Picardie Avantage Energie (PAE) are stimulating energy savings and promote energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable behaviour thanks to specific plans, that include investments in these fields.



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The aims of Picardie Avantage Isolation – (PAI) and Picardie Avantage Energie (PAE) are as follow:

  • Speed up the exploitation of energy management sources in medium-high potential sectors using suitable financial tools;
  • Reduce the heating bill and the energy consumption of Picards’ households by promoting thermal improvement in housing;
  • Permit Picards households to access financing tools adapted to their investments and loan capacities for energy savings actions;
  • Stimulate energy saving retrofitting in the housing sector;
  • Involve banking and financing sector in financing the investments in energy efficiency;
  • Achieve more than 20 millions Euros reduction on the global energy bill for Picardie’s households;
  • Generate a volume of insulation work of approximately 100 millions Euros for craftsmen and building companies, equivalent to 300 jobs per year for 5 years.

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