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Electric mobility centre in Vitoria-Gasteiz Basque Country, Spain

The electric mobility centre in Vitoria-Gasteiz Basque Country, Spain is an information point on electric vehicles where people can be informed about all issues related to this new technology.



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One of the strategic central themes for the penetration of the electric vehicle is the creation of a critical mass of vehicles. This penetration is going to be very slow during the first few years for several reasons: the renewal of the car fleet is very slow, the car production provided by major manufacturers for the next few years will be very limited and because the first electrical vehicles that will be commercialized will have high prices. For these reasons, the Basque Government tries to ensure that a critical mass of electric vehicles is put into action, to reach the market breaking point as soon as possible. One of the strategies to achieve this is the Implementation of a Mobility Center. A mobility centre is a point of information on the electric vehicle in which people can be informed about aspects of the electric vehicle such as grants, rents, recharging points, e-vehicles models, etc. E-vehicles renting (through Ibilek) and recharging (Ibil) is also possible.


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