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How one Italian province is going beyond the EU’s 2020 climate and energy targets

Over € 90 million will be invested in a wide range of energy efficiency and generation systems such as photovoltaic panels, new heating systems, improved insulation, high-efficiency thermal coatings, and cogeneration and tri-generation powerproduction systems.



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The project budget consists of € 80 million from the European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA) facility and € 10.2 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Regional Operational Programmes for the Abruzzo Region. This project is the largest investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy ever made in the Province of Chieti. Based on initial results, the ERDF-funded measures reduced emissions by 2 790 tonnes by 2012. The target for ELENA funded measures, which have yet to be completed, is to reduce emissions by a further 12 950 tonnes by 2015. Regional Operation Plans financed by the ERDF have seen municipalities investing between € 50 000 and € 400 000 in energy efficiency.

Public awareness campaigns to inform local residents about energy use and efficiency formed an important part of the project. So far, over 120 meetings have taken place involving citizens and local authorities, reaching over 5 000 people. Over 300 green jobs are expected to be created by energy service companies (ESCOs) appointed through public tendering.


Provincia di Chieti

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