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Liguria Region, IT – Training and technical assistance to municipalities on European Energy Award

The “European Energy Award®” is a certification scheme on delivering energy and climate change mitigation results in municipalities. Acting as a quality management system, the European Energy Award® establishes an interdisciplinary, process-oriented, and long-term planning and action framework.



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This multi-level governance experience involved regional and local authorities on a series of training activities. Between 2006 and 2008, Liguria Region financed several training and technical assistance courses dedicated to local municipalities of the region. The themes of the courses regarded energy efficiency, with a specific focus on the European Energy Award® certification scheme, and renewable energy.

Liguria Region, through IRE Liguria (Regional Energy Agency, previously named “ARE Liguria”), identified 70 municipalities of different sizes in the region and offered them free technical support for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Further 17 municipalities received specific assistance on alignment for the European certification system “European Energy Award”.

In total, over 120 municipal administrators and technicians took part in the training courses organized by the IRE Liguria staff.

A participatory approach was used with the participation of the Liguria Region, the regional Energy Agency (IRE Liguria) and 70 municipalities.

Key results were :

  • Free technical assistance provided to 70 municipalities
  • 17 municipalities awarded the “European Energy Award” ®
  • 120 public officers participated in the training courses

The technical expertise was the main success factor of the initiative.


Liguria Region

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Danilo BERRI