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Rhône-Alpes region, FR – Public Regional Energy Services Operator (OSER)

OSER supports renovation projects by taking care of all aspects of the plan. it aims to support local authorities in carrying out projects which can be exemplary for their territories and mobilize massive investments. An example is the development of private solutions for global renovation of buildings, which is currently not available in the region.



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OSER (Public Regional Energy Services Operator) is a LPC (Local Public Company) which aims to help overcoming the technical and financial barriers that local authorities currently experience in carrying out energy efficiency projects in the built sector. It will work with local authorities to support renovation projects targeted at reaching high energy-performance levels in public buildings and provide technical, legal and financial expertise and project management assistance to its shareholders.

The multi-level governance is characterized by the involvment of the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, 10 local authorities, service providers and banks.

The LPC offers the possibility of a global energy performance contract, which takes care of all aspects of the project (financing/realisation of works / exploitation and maintenance/commitment to energy efficient performance). The LPC will also be able to act as third-part investor in the three phases of renovation projects or with a global approach. A relevant aspect for local authorities is that through the third-party investment mechanism offered by the LPC the risks are centralized and the debt is managed by the local company itself. Another advantage for local authorities is that comprehensive renovation projects are more economically efficient than single interventions realized over time.

The LPC has a capital of € 5,297,000 (94.4% held by the region).  It started 20 renovation projects in the member communities and those of the Loire Inter-communal Energy Association.

The success factors were the availability of technical expertise as well as the political engagement and the shared vision of local authorities.



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