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Sydost Trampar – a bicycle competition for work places

Sydost Trampar is a bicycle competition implemented by the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden in 2010. Its aim is promoting bycicle use among the population replacing cars and innovating the traditional approach to mobility.



End Date

On-going. First competition in 2010 but reconducted in 2011.



The idea of the project comes from the Denmark and has also been implemented by HMSkåne (Sustainable Mobility Skåne), an organization in the Swedish region of Skåne, in 2008 with good results. The purpose of the competition is to enlighten car commuters of the benefits concerning health an economy when replacing the car with a bicycle for shorter trips. The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden implemented the competition under the name of SydostTrampar for the first time in 2010. The campaign aims at increasing the bicycle modal share of commuting trips by changing the travel habits of car commuters.




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