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FPI Solar company’s participation in the SERVE project

The case study deals with the FPI Solar company’s involvement in the SERVE project through the words of its owner Mr. Matthew Collison.



Start Date

November 2007

End Date

October 2012



The case study deals with FPI Solar experience in the SERVE project as reported by his owner Mr. Matthew Collison. As he deeply explains in the interview,  FPI Solar was engaged in the retrofitting of houses in the wider SERVE area and this resulted in SERVE accounting for an estimated 50% of the business’ income over the lifetime of the retrofit project. The most tangible benefit FPI Solar got from the SERVE project was economic with an increase in business and income. From Mr. Collison’s point of view, there wasn’t any problem or issue with the project aside from what he called ‘some teething issues’, something expected with a project that had not been attempted before.


Sustainable Energy for the Rural Village Environment (SERVE)

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