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The project SOWA modernised the lighting along the Piecewska street (Gdansk-Pomerania)

The main objective of the project was to upgrade the technical state and energy efficiency of the street lighting system. The City of Gdańsk obtained a subsidy for this project. The project included the replacement of the sodium lamps with LEDs and the modernisation of the infrastructure.




The project SOWA Piecewska consisted of refurbishing the public lighting along the street Piecewska in Gdansk (Illuminated area: 19,130 m²). Due to new investments in this district of the city and the installation of a new tram line, an upgrade of the public lighting system was needed. Initially it was planned to simply exchange the sodium lamps with sodium lamps of lower capacity. However, ultimately, this solution was replaced with LED lamps due to innovation and higher energy savings of LED technology.

Municipality of Gdańsk

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