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Neighbourly competition cuts domestic energy use

The objective of the Energy Neighbourhood Project was to inspire and encourage communities to reduce energy consumption through changes in behaviour. Some eight to twelve households formed a team, the so-called Energy Neighbourhood. Each Neighbourhood accepted a challenge set by the city: to win, the Neighbourhood had to achieve an energy saving of at least eight per cent within six months compared with the previous year.

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Teaching for a green future

One of the main objectives of the Cyprus Energy Agency is the education of school children in Cyprus. Since April 2009, when it first began its educational activities, the Cyprus Energy Agency has made study visits to more than 170 schools of all educational levels, reaching more than 27,000 students and 2,100 teachers on the topics of renewable energy, energy saving, sustainable transport and environmental protection. The agency has also provided five courses to more than 250 students in universities.

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How one Italian province is going beyond the EU’s 2020 climate and energy targets

Over € 90 million will be invested in a wide range of energy efficiency and generation systems such as photovoltaic panels, new heating systems, improved insulation, high-efficiency thermal coatings, and cogeneration and tri-generation powerproduction systems.

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Renewable energy grants ensure sunny view

This project aims at encouraging households to install solar energy systems and at creating a sustainable financing model at regional level to support the investments with 40% grants.

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