European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Castilla y León commitment to the EU strategy for heating and cooling

In the framework of the European project RES H/C SPREAD (RES Heating and Cooling – Strategic Actions Development), Castilla y León, together with other 6 European regions, has developed six pilot regional plans for heating and cooling from renewable energy that could further support the planning efforts of other regions.

In Castilla y León, EREN has organized  governance groups with all the stakeholders from the sector with a multi-governance approach, achieving a great success. This stakeholder participation model has been instrumental for the development of the regional plan: once the involved stakeholders and public administrators realized the importance of the topics proposed by the project for their region, they strongly encouraged the region to officially entrust EREN with the development of a detailed regional plan.

Following this official request, EREN has developed a very detailed model for the assessment of regional heating demand at the municipal level and analyzed the corresponding renewable energy supply potential. Based on this evidence EREN then formulated, in agreement with the governance group, the strategies and policies for the development of sustainable technologies in this field.

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