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Half of the energy consumed in Central Finland is renewable


Local production of energy plays an important role

The energy production and consumption data in Central Finland shows that half of the energy consumed in the region is renewable. Altogether, renewable energy corresponds 50% of total energy consumption in 2016. Renewable energy consumption has increased significantly by 19% from year 2004. Another important data is the relevant role of local energy production in the region. In 2016, the share of locally produced renewable energy was 39% of total energy consumption.

“This is good news” says development manager Hannu Koponen from the Regional Council of Central Finland. “An increase in the use of renewable energy means a decrease in fossil fuel consumption, too, and is thus climate friendly development. Locally produced renewable energy replaces import energy, creating more jobs and economical benefits for the region.”

The total energy consumption is decreasing

The consumption of fossil oil has decreased by 14% in Central Finland (2004 vs. 2016). Most of this decrease is due to decreased use of oil in power and heat production, and in heating buildings. Even in transport, where the total energy consumption is increasing in Central Finland, the use fossil oil (gasoline and diesel) has stabilised and the increase can be explained by the increased use of renewables. The share of coal in total energy consumption is minimal (0,1%). The share of peat in total energy consumption is 10 %. In buildings, the importance of the geothermal heat has increased, even if its share is still quite small.

Total energy consumption in Central Finland in 2016 was 17,3 TWh. Total energy consumption has decreased steadily from the maximum, 18,6TWh, which was reached in 2010.

“CO2-emissions in energy production have decreased by 16 % from year 2004. This is very much in line with the targets set on the regional climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy” says Hannu Koponen.

Central Finland’s energy agency has calculated the energy balance 2016 with the existing information on energy production and consumption. Energy balance can be found here (in Finnish).