European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Modelisation of Regional Investment Advisory Platforms for the Implementation of Sustainable Energy Policies

Brussels, 13 Oct. 2015. Photos

Logo EUSEW 2016 logoOrganised within the European Sustainable week [ EUSEW 2016], this event intends to explore, encourage and support the creation of regional investment advisory platforms aiming at – among others – aggregating small energy efficiency projects in order to maximize the use of and access to the EFSI.

Regions and cities play an essential role in the implementation of energy efficiency policies and in achieving the Europe 2020 objectives, and this workshop aims to support those organisations. They embody the relevant decision making at a local and regional level in sectors such as transportation, urban planning, buildings and welfare, which makes them the most appropriate decision makers for investment actions in energy efficiency. As public funds alone are not deemed as sufficient for delivering ambitious EU energy targets, a different and more concentrated approach relying on market based solutions is required. The European Fund for Strategic Investments was initiated in order to capture riskier projects that require interaction between public and private sector investors to achieve strategic investments and initiatives at a local and regional level.


Palace of the Academies; Rue Ducale 1, Brussels

This event will be followed by the Roger léron Award Ceremony

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