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MOTIVATE, Mediterranean cities share with you

Seasonality takes a heavy toll on transport infrastructure and environmental quality in Mediterranean cities, which are often unprepared to accommodate large shifts in population during high tourist seasons. Increasing the use and access to low carbon systems becomes therefore a priority, allowing travellers, i.e. residents and visitors, to move around in ways that help preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Mediterranean cities, all while strengthening social cohesion and improving local quality of life.

MOTIVATE, financed under the “Urban Transports” thematic of Interreg MED, contributes to the uptake of low-carbon transport in five MED cities – Ioannina, Rhodes, Larnaca, Almada and Siena – by actively engaging travelers in the development and implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) through the use of social media and crowdsourcing techniques.

Core output of the project is the MOTIVATE e-platform. Platform services will be accessible in the form of user-friendly web services and a mobile app and will be tested in a period of 18 months, covering both touristic and non-touristic seasons.

MOTIVATE will foster a resource-efficient and participatory collection and use of mobility data, ensuring high local ownership of mobility interventions in the respective cities


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