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News from the BiogasAction partners – Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden

Bio-CNG and bio-LNG were the topics on the agenda when the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden arranged their annual energy conference Energiting Sydost 2016.


Building up on its previous successes the annual energy conference in southeast Sweden brought together key actors and stakeholders from the biomethane industry offering them interesting presentations and excellent networking opportunities. The presentations covered following topics:

  • The role of bio-CNG and bio-LNG in the fossil fuel free transport sector, ESS
  • The societal benefits of biomethane, Konceptum
  • The production of biomethane from household waste, local biomethane company
  • Using local garbage for local public transport, Scania
  • Fossil fuel free public transport by 2020, Regional Public Transport Authority
  • Three years with bio-CNG busses, the Municipality of Växjö
  • Why should we build regional grids? E.ON Gas
  • Puregas Solutions – local biomethane company with a global market
  • The future market for gaseous fuels, Air Liquide/Fordonsgas Sverige
  • Renewable fuels with new technology, Audi


Regional biomethane network

The members of the regional biomethane network Biogas Sydost consisting of local and regional key actors and stakeholders celebrated the fact that their new member company More Biogas Småland AB had been chosen as one of the top ten biogas plants by the partners in Biogas Action. At the same meeting the representative of More Biogas, Gunnar Bergström, presented the very interesting results that the French student, Florian Lafoux’s, had received during his nine weeks practice at the plant with the smell problem, the PH-value of digestate and condense water.



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