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Podravje: Investing In Public Buildings

vlasta-photo-3The Municipality of Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia with around 115.000 inhabitants. It is regional centre and a Covenant of Mayors signatory. The local energy concept for sustainable energy development of the city has been already accepted in 2009. The City is committed to putting a lot of efforts in rational energy use in public buildings to meet the 2020 targets. The action plan for building refurbishments has been prepared.


vlasta-photo-4One of the projects in this field has been implemented in 2013 and 2014, when 9 public buildings – schools and kindergartens – amounting altogether to 25.570 m2, has been retrofitted. Different measures have been implemented: insulation of envelops, insulation of the attic and cellar, new energy efficient windows, renovation of the heating system. Some oil heating systems have also been replaced with renewable energy systems such as wooden biomass and heat pumps.


vlasta-photo-1The investment was EUR 4,5 million. The project was co-financed through the Cohesion fund. The results are outstanding: 1,9 GWh of energy and 490 tonnes of carbon emissions per year were saved, and 35 MWh of renewable energy was used instead of heating oil. The project created directly and indirectly many jobs in the region since many local and regional companies and craftsmen took part in it. The municipality planned to save as much energy as possible in renewed buildings and a green public procurement also took place. It was therefore the opportunity for workers to improve their knowledge and skills towards zero or plus energy buildings. At the same time working and living conditions inside improved a lot. Through such investment the municipality shows to the community that sustainable energy commitments are seriously taken into account.


Contact : Vlasta KRMELJ, Energy Agency of Podravje,