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The Bioeconomy Manifesto


The Bioeconomy Manifesto as a Collaborative Tool for Facilitating Innovation and Growth for a Stronger European Bioeconomy


Representatives from large and small companies, NGOs, biomass producers, regions, and academia from all over Europe as members of the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel have prepared a Manifesto. This document will be presented to the public on the Bioeconomy Policy Day on 16th of November, during the H2020 Societal Challenge 2 Infoweek. The Manifesto recognises the opportunities and challenges of developing the Bioeconomy and provides inspiration to regions and Member States, at various stages of development of their Bioeconomy strategies, as well as for the EU as a whole.

With an in-depth workshop on 17th of November, the Panel is reaching out to other interested players in the Bioeconomy to share with them the objectives of the Manifesto as well as its policy recommendations. There are a number of actions and next steps that the Panel wants to initiate to advance the Bioeconomy and we invite other interested stakeholders to discuss those with us.


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Date: Brussels, 17th of November 2017

Location: Rue du Champ de Mars, 21, 1050 Ixelles, CDMA SDR 1 and 2
This is a Satellite Event organised by the European Commission and the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel during the H2020 Societal Challenge 2 Infoweek.