European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Tipperary Covenant of Mayors Steering Committee Third Meeting, 20-09-2016


Main discussion points of this meeting:
  • Agree CO2 reduction targets.
  • Review of draft SEAP.
  • Enabling action plan – resources/cost/funding/ BEC etc.
  • Update on SEC process from SEAI.
  • Agree on review process of SEAP.

Objective & main programme point

A discussion was held on the potential for adaptation of Publenef GP02 into Tipperary County Council to address the SEAP action on street lighting.

Stakeholders input collection

TCC Roads were waiting on national plans for Public Lighting retrofit to be announced before committing plans to SEAP, however these national plans have been delayed.

Event evaluation by event organiser

Need for one-one meeting with Roads Department of the Local Authority to progress further.  

Impact follow-up

There are no objections to any of the actions in the plan from the present committee members. All actions need to be fleshed out further by the committee members responsible, including costing, sources of funding, and estimated energy savings. TEA will go back and contact each group to get these last missing details.

Other information: