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What is the future for on-site and on-farm AD as energy incentives reduce?


The ADBA National Conference 2016: « New opportunities in a changing world » has been held on December 8th 2016. The conference was an opportunity to discuss new research and innovation proposals which aim to put the UK at the heart of the global AD industry and expand the potential of the industry around the world. One of the afternoon sessions called « What is the future for on-site and on-farm AD as energy incentives reduce? » focused on how to build farm anaerobic digestion plans in a framework in which FITs have been heavily constrained. As a matter of fact, according to the Committee on Climate Change, on-site and on-farm AD have proven beneficial to curbing emissions, reducing waste bills, providing reliable energy and recycling nutrients; it is hence important to investigate suitable solutions to support new AD infrastructure and to make it resilient to changing incentives.

Andy Bull from Severn Wye Energy Agency presented the Intervention Strategy for Wales, which is carried out by implementing an off-the-peg model of AD plant installation by simultaneously lobbying for compatibility with Feed-in tariffs and the renewable heat incentives.

Click here to download the presentation from Andy Bull.