European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Become a member

square3-1Agencies and regional authorities in charge of energy policy created FEDARENE as a development tool. Increasing the quality and the efficiency of their work was the main objective of FEDARENE’s founders, and still is at the heart of the federation’s activities today. The first goal of Fedarene is indeed to be a communication and information exchange platform for its members, at horizontal level – among the members, and at vertical level – between the agencies and the European Institutions.

s11  What benefits do you get from joining FEDARENE?

  • Enter an experienced European Network;
  • Be involved in projects financed by the European Commission;
  • Invitation to Working Groups, Seminars and Conferences, …;
  • Exchange of actions and experiences through the best practices database;
  • Opportunities of collaboration, partnership with other members;
  • Promotion and/or assistance in the organisation of European events in your region;
  • Access to the FEDARENE bulletin, a bi-monthly newsletter (2 issues/month) that gives regular information on the energy and environment current situation at different levels: European, regional and local; as well as information about projects, reports and events, conferences and seminars organised by its members (click here to see an example of FEDARENE’s Bulletin);
  • Receive information on the various calls for proposals and EU policies;
  • take part in the drafting of FEDARENE position papers;
  • Exclusive access to the Member’s corner of this web site;
  • a web page dedicated to your organisation;
  • Fedarene Info, magazine distributed to the Fedarene members, European institutions and bodies, regional representation offices, NGO’s and associations in the energy and environment sector;
  • Have a permanent representation in our office in Brussels as well as the use of a meeting room.


s10  How to request becoming a member of FEDARENE

The procedure to become a member of FEDARENE is very simple. All interested organisation are asked to formally submit a request for membership to our president, Mr. Julije DOMAC, by sending him a motivated letter (by post to FEDARENE Brussels’ Office – see the address in the “Contact” section).

According to our status, the final decision on FEDARENE’s membership lies with the organisation’s General Assembly. Please note however that we generally consider requesting organisations as members, with all benefits attached to the status, as soon as we receive their “request for membership” motivated letter.

FEDARENE members are requested to contribute an annual membership fee. The fee is calculated according to a formula taking into account different elements such as GDP and population figures of the concerned region. See article 11 of the Statutes (“About Us” section).

Should you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the FEDARENE Brussels Office (Ms. Dominique Bourges) at