European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment


Line_H__duck-blue  ABEA – Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies  –

ABEA is a non-government organization, registered by the law as a legal entity with nonprofit purpose. The founder members of the association are energy management agencies at local and regional level.

Line_H__orange  ACE – Architects’ Council of Europe  –

ACE is the European organisation representing the architectural profession at European level.

Line_H__green  Adene – Portuguese Energy Agency  –

Adene informs the general public about building quality through the Certification System and Indoor Air Quality in buildings.

Line_H_violet  Agence européenne pour l’environnement  –

The Agence européenne pour l’environnement, created in 1994, is a EU agency responsible for monitoring and preservation of the European environment. It contributes to move the crucial debate forward on sustainable development and environment protection providing political institutions and public opinion with up-to-date data and information.

Line_H_yellow  AIEA – Association of Irish Energy Agencies  –

AIEA is an all-island body supporting development and implementation of energy policy and best practice in an impartial and effective manner at local, national and EU level, through its own actions and by strengthening the capabilities of its members.

Line_H__dark-blue  AER – Assembly of European Regions  –

Created in 1985, AER brings together 270 regions from 33 countries and 16 interregional organisations. Its vocation is promoting regional democracy and subsidiarity, enhancing the political role of European regions, supporting regions in the European enlargement and globalisation’s process and developing interregional cooperation at the service of citizens.

Line_H__green  BUILD UP – The European portal for energy efficiency in buildgings  –

The BUILD UP initiative was established by the European Commission in 2009 to support EU Member States in implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The web portal brings together new practitioners and professional associations in order to motivate them to exchange knowledge, best working practices and to transfer tools and resources.

Line_H__orange  Can Europe – Climate Action Network Europe  –

Can Europe is a network of  Western European environmental groups working on climate change. Its main priority is achieving a real reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in industrialised countries.

Line_H__duck-blue  Cedec – European Federation of Local Public Energy Distribution  –

Founded in 1992, Cedec brings together the interests of public local utilities in energy sector at European level.

Line_H__green  CEMR – Council of European Municipalities and Regions  –

CEMR is the largest organisation of local and regional government in Europe; its members are over 50 national associations of towns, municipalities and regions from 39 countries.

Line_H_yellow  Clean Vechicle  –

The Clean Vehicle Portal is a web based tool provided by the European Commission in order to facilitate the implementation of the Clean Vehicle Directive in the European Member States. It aims to stimulate the demand for clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles and encourage manufacturers to invest in the development of sustainable mobility.

Line_H__orange  Climate Alliance  –

Climate Alliance is the European network of local authorities committed to protection of the world’s climate. The member cities and municipalities aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their source.

Line_H_violet  COGEN Europe  –

COGEN Europe was created in 1993 responding to the need of a greater co-operative effort at a European level in order to realize the full potential for cogeneration. Cogen Europe’s Membership includes more than 70 power companies, power authorities, national cogeneration associations, suppliers and other organisations involved in cogeneration in 30 countries.

Line_H__red  CONCERTO  –

CONCERTO is a European Commission initiative within the European Research Framework Programme aimed to promote energy saving and energy efficiency in cities and communities. It demonstrates the real opportunity to cut CO2 emissions at acceptable costs, just implementing renewable energy sources, innovative technologies in a new integrated approach.

Line_H__orange  Construction21  –

Construction21 is a set of national and one international online collaborative platforms (aka. social media “chapters”) dedicated to all professionals active in the sustainable building sector.

Line_H__purple  Covenant of Mayors  –

The Covenant of Mayors is the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources on their territories. By their commitment, Covenant signatories aim to meet and exceed the European Union 20% CO2 reduction objective by 2020.

Line_H__dark_green  CPMR – Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe  –

CPMR is striving to ensure a strong EU regional policy targeted at all Europe’s regions and is also working towards the delivery of an integrated maritime policy designed to contribute to Europe’s economic growth.

Line_H_yellow  EAD – Federal Association of Energy and Climate Protection Agencies  –

The Federal Association of Energy and Climate Protection Agencies (EAD) is the union of  agencies responsible for implementing energy and climate policies in German regions and municipalities.

Line_H_light_orange  EC BREC IEO – Institute for Renewable Energy  –

The Institute for Renewable Energy was founded in 2001 by a team of experts belonging to the former EC Renewable Energy Center (EC BREC/IBMER). EC BREC IEO elaborated key legislative and strategic Polish documents in the renewable energy sector: the Strategy for RES Development, the Implementation Programme for Green Electricity and the Draft of the Renewable Energy Act.

Line_H_violet  ELTIS – Urban mobility portal  –
ELTIS is a nonprofit European portal created to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of urban mobility in Europe. It is aimed at individuals working in the field of transport as well as in related disciplines, including urban and regional development, health, energy and environmental sciences.

Line_H_yellow ENACE – Entidad Nacional de Auditores y Certificadores Energéticos  –

ENACE is the largest federation of energy auditors and certifiers in buildings in Spain. It satisfies investors’, building owners’ and managers’ need for trust in the competency of these technicians with demonstrated skills in energy efficiency and savings, and in the reliability of the data they produce as a result of energy audits. Hand in hand with our partners in Spain and Europe, ENACE brings together stakeholders and provides support for effective implementation of EU sustainability targets in the building sector.

Line_H__duck-blue  EnerAgen – Association of Spanish Energy Management Agencies  –

EnerAgen aims to provide Spanish Energy Agencies with a meeting point to exchange experiences, train technicians and elaborate specific studies available for consultation by all the partner agencies.

Line_H__red  Energy Cities – European association of local authorities in energy transition  –

Energy Cities, the European Association of local authorities, created in 1990, represents  more than 1,000 towns and cities in 30 countries.

Line_H__orange  EnR – European Energy Network  –

EnR, founded in 1991,  is a voluntary network of European national energy agencies. It  acts as an informal network in order to promote sustainable energy, disseminate best practice and strengthen collaborative working across Europe.

Line_H_light_green  EREC – European Renewable Energy Council  –

Created on 13 April 2000, EREC is the umbrella organization of the European renewable energy industry, trade and research associations active in the sectors of photovoltaics, small hydropower, solar thermal, bioenergy, geothermal, ocean, concentrated solar power and wind energy.

Line_H__duck-blue  EREF – European Renewable Energy Federation  –

EREF is a federation of associations from EU Member States working in the renewable energy sector  using  small hydro, wind, tidal, wave, bioenergy, solar and geothermal sources.

Line_H__purple  EUFORES – European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources  –

EUFORES is a European parliamentary network including members from all the major European Parliament’s political groups as well as representatives from the national EU Member States Parliaments.

Line_H__grey  Eurada – Association of Regional Development Agencies  –

Eurada aims to promote regional economic development through dialogue with the European Commission services.

Line_H__orange  EuroACE – European Alliance of companies for energy efficiency in buildings  –

The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings was created in 1998 by Europe’s leading companies involved in manufacture, distribution and installation of  energy saving goods and service. Its mission is to work together with the European institutions to help Europe moving towards a more efficient use of energy in buildings.

Line_H_yellow  Eurocities  –

Eurocities is the network of major European cities. It brings together the local governments of more than 140 large cities in over 30 European countries.

Line_H_violet  Euroheat & Power  –

Euroheat & Power represents interests of the combined heat and power, district heating and cooling sector at a political level, in strict relations with European institutions and other international organizations.

Line_H__green   Association of Swedish Regional Energy Agencies  –

The Association of Swedish Regional Energy Agencies, is the co-ordinating agency of  Swedish regional energy agencies and other organizations with similar activities.

Line_H__duck-blue  IEA – International Energy Agency  –

The International Energy Agency is an autonomous organisation which works to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for its 28 member countries and beyond. It is at the heart of global dialogue on energy, providing authoritative analysis, statistics and recommendations on  energy security, environmental awareness and global energy engagement.

Line_H__purple  INFORSE – International Network for Sustainable Energy  –

INFORSE is a network of 80 NGOs working for sustainable energy solutions to protect environment and reduce poverty.

Line_H__red  IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency  –

IRENA promotes the widespread and increased adoption of all renewable energy sources.  Acting as a global voice for renewable energies, IRENA facilitates access to all relevant renewable energy information, including technical data.

Line_H__dark_green  ISLENET – European Islands Network on Energy & Environment  –

ISLENET  promotes sustainable, energy efficiency and environmental management. It actively promotes the adoption of local energy saving strategies and renewable energy projects.

Line_H__duck-blue  ManagEnergy  –

ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at local and regional level.

Line_H__orange  NRG4SD – Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development  –

Nrg4SD is an international organisation representing regional governments on a global scale. The network promotes understanding, collaboration and partnerships in sustainable development and seeks greater international recognition for the important contribution made by regions to sustainable development.

Line_H_yellow  RARE – French Network of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies  –

RARE is the French Network of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies working in the field of energy management, valorization of the natural resources and waste, looking forward to sustainable development.

Line_H__purple  Renael – Italian Network of Regional Energy Agencies  –

Renael, the Italian Network of Regional Energy Agencies, is a strategic instrument created to promote synergy and subsidiarity among local energy agencies both on local and national scale considering Italy as an organic energetic system.

Line_H_light_green  Rehva – Federation of European HVAC Associations  –

Rehva connects European professionals in the field of building engineering services (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning for energy efficient healthy buildings) and represents more than 100 000 engineers from 28 European countries.

Line_H__duck-blue  Smart Cities and Communities  –

Smart Cities and Communities is a platform initiated by the European Commission with the dual aim of identifying and spreading relevant information on technology solutions and needs required by practitioners and providing information for policy support to the High Level Group and the European Commission.

Line_H__green  Smart Cities Information System  –

The Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) brings together project developers, cities, institutions, industry and experts from across Europe to exchange data, experience and know-how and to collaborate on the creation of smart cities and an energy-efficient urban environment.