European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

AEEPM - Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection Bucharest


224 Calea Victoriei, et.3, ap.12,
010099 - București
Sectorul 1
Tel: (+4) 021 311 6690 / (+4) 031 711 1044
Fax : (+4) 037 810 4834
E-mail :

Executive DirectorIon DOGEANU



The Local Energy Agency of Sector 1 (Asociatia Agentia pentru Eficienta Energetica si Protectia Mediului Bucuresti) is a separate legal entity with its own statutes and is established as a non-profit NGO. The Agency was set up with the support of Municipality of Sector 1 Bucharest and support of the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme.


The Agency was founded with the aim to setup a legal entity respected in the community of Bucharest, capable to capitalize expertize and capable to influence local and regional policies regarding energy use and new sources for green energy .

The goal of the Agency is to raise awareness around the use of new renewable energy sources in the Romanian energy market, disseminate information on the state of research, publish information newsletters, educate all involved energy actors, promote growth of energy efficiency as well as renewable energy consumption and share expertise with European experienced actors and successful projects.

The long-term goal of the Agency is to become a reference in the Romanian energy market by promoting the intelligent use of energy to the public and private sector and supporting sustainable development through the implementation of a comprehensive work program.

Organisation of the Agency

The Management Board is composed by representatives of public administration and private businesses and industries, as well as concerned associations, research bodies and universities.

  •  The bylaws of the agency guarantee its independence.
  •  Every Project have its own Management Board who will be the decision-makers for the project activities.
  •  The Management Board of the Agency are representatives of all the interested bodies in the district and none of these bodies on their own will be in a position to dictate the activities of the Agency.
  •  No category of the representatives will have more than 30% of the seats in the Management Board.


The Agency is a management unit for projects in the energy and environment field, gathering consumers, producers, social organizations and representing the organization members which are interested in the application of measures for rational use of energy and in developing renewable energy projects to ensure the sustainable development at local community level.

 The Agency carries out an Energy Management Plan for the Sector 1 of Bucharest in order to help rationalize energy management in Sector 1. This line of action can help save up to 10% in the public and private energy consumption sector. The Agency aims to help creating employment in the research on energy sources, and to promote sustainable development by the introduction of solar energy sources. It will promote the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy sources. The introduction of „cleaner” energy sources will help directly improve the quality of air, thus providing a healthier environment for the citizens of Bucharest and can help reduce the carbon monoxide emissions up to 10%. The Agency will promote energy conservation, thus contributing to improve the standard of dwellings and the general comfort of the inhabitants. Improvements can also be made in the transportation sector, which is known to be a significant source of pollution, by encouraging the use of alternative means of transportation then cars, or the use of alternative sources, like gas or electric energy in transportation.