ALEA – Alba Local Energy Agency is a non-governmental organization created in 2008, through an IEE project submitted by Alba County Council; it is a specialized institution in the domain of energy giving support to county / local authorities in sustainable energy and mobility planning, promoting projects both on energy efficiency and on the use of local renewable energy sources; moreover, it supports private companies in sustainable energy projects.


The agency`s main role is to contribute to the sustainable development of Alba County by improving the current state of energy efficiency, energy management and renewable energy. Furthermore, ALEA is committed to informing and raising awareness of different target groups in efficient energy consumption, renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility through the organization of dedicated campaigns, training sessions and fairs.


  • Formulation of energy policy at county level;
  • Support given to local authorities in the development and implementation of local action plans for sustainable energy;
  • Promoting energy efficiency projects in economic entities, buildings belonging to public institutions, housing, public utility systems;
  • Promote the implementation of systems for producing energy from local renewable sources in Alba County;
  • Raising awareness and educating intelligent energy both citizens and decision-makers from local government and the private sector.
  • Supporting local authorities that signed the Convention of Mayors – the European large-scale initiative – the creation and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans;
  • Consultancy for energy management in local government and European funds for energy;
  • Organizing seminars and workshops on topics related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy management, efficient public lighting and sustainable urban mobility;
  • Involvement in strong partnerships at Romanian and European level for a intensive eschange of experiente in tha main areas of interest and for promoting common activities and projects



  • Energy planning at county and local level;
  • Energy management services to local authorities;
  • Professional technical assistance in the elaboration of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans, under the “Covenant of Mayors” initiative;
  • Professional technical assistance in the elaboration of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans;
  • Identification of energy efficiency and renewable energy related projects with national or European co-financing;
  • Support the promotion and implementation of national programs such as: “Casa Verde” (Green House) for individuals, “Casa Verde” for public institutions and the thermal rehabilitation of housing blocks;
  • Professional technical assistance related to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for the general public and for the business environment;
  • Organisation of energy efficiency and renewable energy related campaigns;
  • Organisation of various events (conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions) on energy efficiency,renewable energy and urban mobility;
  • Educational classes for the young generation related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and recycling.


ALEA is a recognized as supporter of CoM by the European Commission regarding “Covenant of Mayors – CoM” Initiative assuming its promotion and provide full technical support to public authorities – CoM signatories (until now more than 15); This support covers the initial analysis of energy consumption and the monitoring (inventory of energy consumption and CO2 emissions) identifying local resources of renewable energy, implementation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan – SEAP, leading to ensure complete management of these processes.

Involvement in more than 15 European projects under the “Intelligent Energy Europe” program; These projects cover areas such as: sustainable energy in buildings (nZEB), efficient public lighting, support LAs – CoM signatories to set up their SEAPs, rational use of energy in homes, developing the capacity of local communities to use renewable energy sources, achieving an regional energy observatory, green public procurement, sustainable urban mobility and promoting the use of electric vehicles.

Establisment of ANERGO Energy Observatory in 2015 as an internal structure. This is the firs regional energy observatory in Romania. Local Authorities and energy data providers signed partnership agreements with the observatory in order to facilitate energy data exchange betweenthe local authorities and services suppliers from thepower distribution and public transport sectors. ANERGO’s online data exchange platform allows municipalities to monitor their trends regarding energy consumptions and get annual emissions inventories and reports.


ALEA starts coaching sessions on harmonising SEAPs & SUMPs

SIMPLA supports local authorities in harmonising their SEAPs and SUMPs. The project targets small and medium-sized municipalities with a population between 50.000 and 350.000 inhabitants proposing a four-step approach to foster harmonised planning. Dedicated training and coaching sessions, based on a sound methodology devised at transnational level, lead to the joint development of sustainable energy and mobility plans.

Follow-up on the Covenant of Mayors workshop in Bucharest – 7 November 2017

  More than 70 participants joined the ´Energy Transition and Climate Mitigation : Local strategies and Support Policies´ workshop The videos and the presentations of Covenant of Mayors workshop organised in Bucharest (Romania) are now available online for anyone to use. This workshop was the opportunity to explore synergies between the national energy and climate […]

The Covenant of Mayors workshop in Bucharest – 7th of November 2017

The videos and power-point presentations of the Covenant of Mayors workshop on 7 November 2017,  in Bucharest (Romania), are available. You can access now to all the information and pictures of the “Energy transition and adaptation to climate change: Local strategies and policy support” workshop here. Many cities in Romania committed to the European initiative “Covenant of […]

The Data Access Guidebook for Sustainable Energy Action Plans has been released!

Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment. These measures can then be built in to sustainable energy policies and plans, and their national and local implementation progress can be monitored periodically. . The Data Access […]

Best Practices

Developing Alba Iulia’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan (Romania)

The municipality of Alba Iulia decided in 2010 to join the “Covenant of Mayors” initiative; the SEAP aims at providing a methodology to track and develop energy efficiency at municipal levels in different sectors, developing a document that will represent a baseline of energy consumptions and improving the lives of citizens.

New Observatory! ANERGO – Alba eNERGy Observatory

ANERGO Energy Observatory is a newly created observatory trough the European project DATA4ACTION.

Integrating energy sustainability at local and regional levels in Alba, Romania

Alba County has many natural resources which have not yet been harnessed. There is a high level of specific energy consumption in some economic sectors in Romania and Alba County. Meanwhile, several heavy industry companies have closed and generated unemployment. Also, energy bills represent an important part of the average spending of a household. Sustainable energy policies are required for all these reasons, and Alba County Council has assumed a leading role in this matter with an integrated approach.


DATA4ACTION Data Access Guidebook for SEAPs

Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment.

Ghidul De Acces la Date Destinat Planurilor de Acțiune Pentru Energie Durabilă

Datele referitoare la energie sunt esențiale pentru identificarea tendințelor în sectoarele economice prioritare pentru a direcționa politicile energetice și pentru a asigura îmbunătățirea eficienței energetice și utilizarea sporită a energiei provenită din surse regenerabile.