European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

ALESA - Energia Locale per l'Energia e lo Sviluppo Ambientale


Via Nicolini
IT - 66100 Chieti
Tel: +39 0871 41 421
Fax: +39 0871 41 944

Manager: Antonio Di Nunzio
Contact: Ferdinando Stampone

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Raise consumers' awareness of energy and environment. Raise local decision-maker’s awareness of the importance of the energy management in all sectors (transport, accommodation, living conditions, waste, local economic development, employment). Assist local authorities in the development of the energy policies and supporting the integration of the energy policies within the regional and local plans. Help local authorities to implement these policies stimulating the economic activity and fostering the creation of employment. Research, identify and manage any potential funding for the rational use of energy and the development of renewable energy sources. Act as an intermediary between local authorities and local actors in the energy market. Contribute to a better integration at EU level in the field of energy to stimulate and facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and technology.

Participation in conferences and workshops. Organization of conferences, seminars and, in general, public information activities (dissemination of technologies and useful results, information and educational material, website, etc.) Information actions related to EU programs. Creation of documentation and education centers of energy and environment. Organizing training courses. Provide energy services, advice and information services to enterprises, associations, organizations, associations, citizens, etc. Support research and development in the energy sector, studies on renewable energy development, energy efficiency and new funding instruments and preparation of feasibility studies. Implementation of local and rural energy planning (Take Off).     Cooperation and collaboration with European partners and the European Union, with other agencies and organizations with similar goals and with local and national energy companies. Provide support services to local authorities for carrying out institutional tasks (checks, controls, Audits).