The Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Ávila (APEA) has been established by the Province of Ávila and partly financed by the European Commission under the SAVE Program. Its aim is fostering a new developed energy culture within the province based on a rational energy use and on the implementation of renewable energy sources. In order to achieve these objectives, the agency carries out several activities and local initiatives addressed to companies, municipalities and citizens from the Ávila province.


The main objective of the Provincial Energy Agency of Avila (APEA), is to promote energy efficiency, energy saving and the use of renewable energies within the province in order to properly manage local energy sources and seek optimal conditions for energy supply in rural and urban areas.

More specifically, the agency objectives are:

  • Stimulating improvements in the local economy in order to improve the province’s competitiveness;
  • Enabling new economic resources for the province;
  • Provide local citizens and institutions with all required information in the energy field;
  • Contributing to the environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions and other air pollutants;
  • Contributing to achieve objectives set up by the Spanish Development Plan for Renewable Energy and Saving Strategy and Efficiency in Spain;
  • Diversifying energy sources and reducing energy dependence;
  • Raising awareness of local authorities, companies and individuals on the energy issues.

Working fields

The agency works in the following areas:

  • Promotion of local renewable energy sources (biomass energy, solar thermal energy, photovoltaic solar energy; hydroelectric energy);
  • Promotion, support services for energy savings and energy efficiency addressed to public authorities, companies, individuals and stakeholders in the energy field;
  • Proposals preparation for European projects;
  • Technical support and evaluation studies activities;
  • Training activities including the Ávila Conference on Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy weeks, Renewable Energy Consultancy etc;
  • Awareness raising activities addressed to citizens (Renewable Energy Road Show etc.);
  • Contributing to development of relevant energy projects;
  • Support activities in events, conferences, seminars and best practises’ exchange with other energy agencies;
  • Energy budget of the province and energy production facilities’ updating;
  • Undertaking specific studies about renewable sources in the Ávila province.


Best Practices

MOVELETUR Sustainable Tourism and Electric Mobility in Natural Spaces

The project MOVELETUR, the Sustainable Tourism and Electric Mobility in Natural Spaces is a cross-border partnership between Portuguese and Spanish institutions covering the Ávila province of Castilla y Leòn region in Spain.

Developing the biomass potential in Avila

APEA is working with Junta de Castilla y León and several municipalities to install biomass district heating systems in order to show the general public the benefits of this energy source.