European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

IRE S.p.A.


Via XX Settembre 41
IT - 16121 Genova
Tel: +39 010 5488730
Fax: +39 010 5700490


Chief Executive: Paolo Piacenza
Energy Unit Manager: Maria Fabianelli
Contact: Roberta Casapietra


IRE is the new-co established by the Italian Region Liguria in June 2014 inheriting the legacy of ARE Liguria, the energy agency born in 1996 through the SAVE-PERU programme.  IRE is the in-house company dealing with energy, infrastructure and urban regeneration.

The energy unit deals with the promotion of energy saving policies, the exploitation of renewable energy sources and the rational use of energy within Liguria. It supports the regional authority and other local administrations to elaborate and implement energy plans (e.g. Covenant of Mayors SEAPs, energy balances, energy audits) and technologies, it promotes the local acquisition of laws, and it manages the regional consortium that buys electricity on the free market for public bodies, it develops business plans for RES plants and offers training on energy matters as well as information on new fuels and technologies. The energy unit of IRE  has also elaborated the regional regulation for the energy certification of buildings and has developed the related regional specific software and is participating in the Concerted Action on the EPBD directive. The energy unit of IRE is also monitoring and controlling the contract for energy and infrastructure renovation projects for all the hospitals of Liguria. IRE with its energy unit works hard at international level, by taking part in many EU projects dealing with European energy policy priorities, such as buildings and community energy certification and emissions calculations, promotion of new contractual and management models (Energy Performance Contracts), biomass energy promotion. The former ARE Liguria has developed the guidelines for ESCO certification and for ESCO contracts and it has worked on energy education and people’s behaviour at both an EU and local level since 2002. It elaborated the SEAP for the city of Genoa (600.000 inhab), it is partner of the FP7 Smart Cities project “TRANSFORM” ans is supporting the Province of Savona in the delivery of 34 SEAPs. IRE has also prepared the successful ELENA proposal named "PROSPER" for the Province of Savona.

IRE, through its energy unit, is now elaborating the new regional energy plan, it is supporting the update of the regional database for energy and air quality  and is promoting the deployment of technologies and policies for smart cities throughout the main cities in the region.

IRE is a member of the Italian network of energy agencies "RENAEL".