The Raionul Calarasi is a district (2nd level) public local administration. The purpose of the district council is to promote the general interests and solving the problems of the district’s communities, including energy efficiency and the use of alternative energy sources. It is situated in a central part of the Republic of Moldova, covers an area of 753,54 km² (about 2,3% of the country area) and has a  population of  about 74102 people.

As a regional authority, have the several activities for the development of sustainable energy:

  • Following the national jurisdiction regarding energy and informing the involved local/regional actors.
  • Offering technical assistance to the local authorities in the energy field.
  • Raising awareness among the population regarding the necessity of efficient use in energy.
  • Promoting the use of renewable energy sources in the public sector.
  • Creating a database concerning the energy sources in the Calarasi County and the rate of consumption.
  • Elaborating a country energy strategy.


Best Practices

PASSIVE HOUSE Pilot Project in Calarasi district

The passive house pilot project is the most innovative project in Calarasi district in the Republic of Moldova so far. It allowed the construction of a kindergarten building based on the passive house concept.