The Cyprus Energy Agency is a non-profit public organization, established to promote renewables, energy saving, rational use of energy and sustainable transport. The establishment and operation of the Cyprus Energy Agency is supported by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy-Europe programme and the Union of Cyprus Communities.

In the Management Board 6 key groups are represented including local authorities, consumer’s associations, environmental foundations, professional associations, energy experts from academic and research sector.

Mission and Activities

The main objectives of the Agency are to contribute in the achievement of the sustainable development, taking into consideration the Lisbon Strategy and the European Strategy for Sustainable Development and the energy policy of the European Union, which aims the security of energy supply, competitiveness, sustainability, tackle climate change, promotion of renewables, energy savings and efficiency and sustainable transport.

The Cyprus Energy Agency aims to :

  • information and public awearness,
  • provide professional training and education
  • promote local/european/international collaborations
  • contribute to research and development,
  • protection of environment ,
  • take into consideration social and economic development at local level,
  • cooperate with local authorities for SEAPs development and implementation in the framework of “Covenant of Mayors” and “Pact of Islands”.

The role of the Cyprus Energy Agency is not to replace existing bodies but will supervise and will federate local actors around a common strategy. CEA will be considered as a project facilitator and a networking tool. At the end of the first three (3) years period of action, CEA is supposed to be recognized and identified as a valuable interlocutor necessary partner in the fields of RES, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.


Policy proposals and measures for sustainable transport in Nicosia – Cyprus Energy Agency

  Cyprus Energy Agency and Climate-KIC released the policy proposals and measures for the sustainable transport in Nicosia. The white paper of “How can we ensure sustainable transport and mobility in wither united Nicosia region by 2030?” analyses the current situation of the region, the vision of the stakeholders, the goals and the policy recommendations.   Read […]

Cyprus Energy Agency organises a training workshop on innovative financing schemes

    Cyprus Energy Agency and Strovolos Municipality organise a training workshop on innovative financing schemes for energy sustainability of local authorities. The Enhancing Local Authorities Capacity workshop will be held in Nicosia on the 17th of November 2017 with invited distinguished speakers form Cyprus and abroad. The seminar will be held in English and […]

Nicosia is heading towards achieving sustainability in 2020 by changing 100% of street lighting with LED

  The Nicosia municipality (capital of Cyprus) respecting its commitments from the Covenant of Mayors and the Sustainable Energy Action Plan, proceeds with the implementation of a major project, to upgrade the energy efficiency of street lighting. Specifically, in May 2017, has launched an open Green public procurement amounting to 2.3 Million Euros, which involves the […]

European Energy Efficiency Projects

PUBLENEF interacts with multiple EU funded projects focusing on developing, perfecting and implementing energy efficiency policies (see below). Project topics range from evaluation of energy efficiency policies, to capacity building for innovative financing or holistic energy planning.

Best Practices

Free energy audits and training in public schools

6 primary schools over Cyprushave been undergoing free Energy Audits supported by the Cyprus Energy Agency which include interventions for energy and CO2 emissions savings in different levels, up to the nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) level.