The Regional Council of Central Finland is responsible for establishing broad regional development programs containing specific programs (objective 2, 5b and 6 areas) that are submitted to the European Union. The Regional Council of Central Finland is the official representative of its region to intergovernmental organisations.

In the energy & environment sectors, the Regional Council of Central Finland works in close co-operation with the Mid Nordic Committee, and the Council has made agreements with the Republic of Karelia (Russian Federation) and Region of Tarto (Estonia) for developing especially local renewable energy sources (RES).

The Regional Council of Central Finland has played a major role in promoting new methods to produce heat and power from renewable energy sources in the province. The use of RES from wood & liqueurs in 1995 was 3.2 TWh (= 22% out of total consumption of energy). The target is to increase the use of these sources by 0.5 TWh/a by the end of year 2000. The first two year period of this program has been successful.

At the same time, Central Finland can support also EU’s policy for economic stability and growth in the CIS countries by developing new technologies for RES using e.g. EU’s ALTENER, FAIR, SAVE, INTERREG, PHARE.


Towards Circular Economy in Finland – CIRCWASTE project

Central Finland, together with four other regions in Finland, has started exploring the potential of the Circular economy. The focus of this 7-year Life IP project with a budget of almost 19M€ is on efficient use of material flows, waste prevention and new waste and resource management concepts. Altogether 19 pilot projects will focus on the circular economy of different waste resources.

Half of the energy consumed in Central Finland is renewable

  Local production of energy plays an important role The energy production and consumption data in Central Finland shows that half of the energy consumed in the region is renewable. Altogether, renewable energy corresponds 50% of total energy consumption in 2016. Renewable energy consumption has increased significantly by 19% from year 2004. Another important data is […]

The Bioeconomy Manifesto

  The Bioeconomy Manifesto as a Collaborative Tool for Facilitating Innovation and Growth for a Stronger European Bioeconomy   Representatives from large and small companies, NGOs, biomass producers, regions, and academia from all over Europe as members of the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel have prepared a Manifesto. This document will be presented to the public […]

Best Practices