Registered in Index of generally beneficial organizations administered by the Regional Court in Brno in item O, entry No. 300. The Agency was established in 2006. Founder and 100% owner of the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region is the Zlín region.

Services provided

Non-profit services

  • Energetic consultancy leading to increasing of the energy efficiency and self sufficiency
  • Dissemination and good practice promotion
  • Analytic and conceptual work
  • Initiation and preparation of energy focused project
  • Support to establishment of the energy management in municipal and regional authorities
  • International cooperation on preparation and promotion of energy consultancy and projects

Additional activities

  • Activities of business, financial, organizational and economical advisors.
  • Organization of training courses, seminars and other educational meetings incl. lecturers activities.
  • Organization of exhibitions, fair trades, shows, selling campaigns etc.
  • Activities of technical consultants in sphere of energetics.

The agency’s services are focused on assisting with projects implemented by the region, towns, villages, SMEs and households.


The Data Access Guidebook for Sustainable Energy Action Plans has been released!

Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment. These measures can then be built in to sustainable energy policies and plans, and their national and local implementation progress can be monitored periodically. . The Data Access […]

European Conference on the Energy Transition – Data4Action – 26 Jan 2017 in Bordeaux

    The European Energy Transition Conference is the main annual meeting of local energy transition stakeholders: elected representatives in charge of energy, climate plans or planning, heads of local authority departments, businesses and civil society. Every year, they analyse the main trends at work behind societal changes and the challenges faced by local authorities. […]

DATA4ACTION Conference: Observatories for Energy and GHG, a strong support to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy

  Regional and local public authorities design, implement and monitor Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). The Covenant of Mayors initiative provides support at each stage of this process. However, the success of these tasks as well as the improvement of the SECAPs can be guaranteed only through the availability of energy and GHG […]

Data4Action – New Regional Energy & GHG Observatories

Within the Data4Action project, 4 Regional Energy Observatories: Oreges Rhône Alpes (FR), Energieluppen of Norbotten(SE), Ligurian Energy and Environment Observatory (IT) & Climate Observatory Nord-Pas de Calais (FR) have supported the creation of 6 new ones in Alba (RO), Carkow Kilkenny (IE), Torino (IT), Plovdiv (BG), Zlin (CZ), Kent (UK) and Greece. The regional observatories […]

Best Practices

Joint procurement process for purchasing bulk energy in the Zlín Region (Czech Republic)

The main objective of the action, which is an example of a functional model of multilevel governance, is to provide independent technical capacity and expertise through the energy agency for a more effective energy planning on both municipal and regional level.

New Observatory! Zlin Region Energy Monitoring Centre

The Regional Energy Observatory in the Zlin Region was established by the Council of the Zlin Region on 13th July 2015 as the Zlin Region Energy Monitoring Centre. The monitoring centre is operated as a part of the Energy Agency of the Zlin Region (EAZK). Institutionalisation of the monitoring centre and defining its structure, long […]

Zlín Region, CZ – Development of biomass and solar energy

This project is linked to the “Concept for reducing emissions and air pollution in the Zlin Region” and to the Regional Energy Policy of the Zlin Region, which highlights the role of energy savings, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sources – to comply with local energy needs and the national energy policy.

A system for automatic monitoring of GHG emissions (AIM)

The AIM system, installed in the capital city of Zlin region, is part of a regional network of stations monitoring air pollution levels and development in the region.


Multi-Level Governance Guidebook and 60 Best Practices!

Through COOPENERGY the project partners have sought examples of how local and regional authorities across Europe are collaborating – successfully – with each other to develop and deliver sustainable energy action plans (SEAPS) and initiatives. From over 150 submissions to our European survey held in summer 2013, we have selected 60 of the best examples of collaboration, […]

DATA4ACTION Data Access Guidebook for SEAPs

Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment.

Průvodce přístupu k datům pro akční plány pro udržitelnou energii

Energetická data jsou zásadní pro identifikaci trendů v ekonomicky prioritních oblastech k zacílení energetické politiky takovým způsobem, aby došlo ke zlepšení energetické efektivity a zvýšení rozmístění obnovitelných zdrojů energie.

Climact-Regions, Observation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The GHG observation system is a powerful tool and the choices of a methodology and approach for implementing it are not neutral. In fact, they contribute strongly to building a representation of the regional impact of climate change and a framework for identifying areas of responsibilities and priorities for action. The tools for GHG accounting […]