Energy Consulting Network (Ltd.) is a Danish company of energy consultants and planners. It was established in April 2000 and consists of six partners and staff employed on project basis. Our mission is to contribute to the implementation and dissemination of sustainable energy and environmental systems.

Our activity

Consultancy is our main activity, incorporating: overall planning, energy economy, training, capacity building, policy advice, design and implementation of energy and environment projects, and monitoring & evaluation of project progress. The partners in Energy Consulting Network together form an experienced group of energy planners, financial experts, policy advi­sors, management consultants and tech­nical experts.

We work for private and public sector clients, as well as international donors and IFIs including EU (Phare, Tacis, FP, EIE), World Bank, EBRD, Nordic Council of Ministers and Danish bilateral programmes.

In recent years a core activity has been to facilitate a sustainable energy development in Central- and Eastern Europe. The projects have ranged from specific technical projects like installing of biomass CHP boilers in Estonia to institutional projects like capacity building of the Lithuanian district heating sector.

New projects & initiatives

From January 2006 Energy Consulting Network is to start on the following EU projects:

  • Energy Sustainable Communities in New Member States – SEC-Tools (Energy Intelligent Europe – EIE).
    The aim of this project is to promote sustainable energy practice in 9 communities in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria supplemented with a range of dissemination activities in all NMS/EU. ECNet is coordinator and Fedarene partner of the project.
  • Innovative Financing of Social housing Refurbishment in Enlarged Europe – InoFin (EIE).
    The aim of the project is to address the huge potential for refurbishment of the social housing sector with focus on New Member States by putting in place adequate financing schemes. CEBra from Germany is project coordinator.
  • Network for promotion of Eco-building technologies, small Polygeneration, and renewable heating and cooling technologies for buildings – PEP-Net (FP6, Thematic Promotion).
    The aim of PEP-Net is to support the bundling and sharing of European Research know-how in above-mentioned technological areas. Berliner Energieagentur is project coordinator.
  • Promotion of Sustainable Energy Technologies at Climate markets – Technology at Work (FP6).
    The aim of T@W is to promote sustainable energy technologies – renewable energy and polygeneration – at emerging climate markets: the European ETS market and CDM markets in Asia. ECNet serve at project coordinator and the consortium include 17 partners from EU and Asia.


BiogasAction – New developments in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Biogas production in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes The biogas production in the region made big changes. When the BiogasAction project began, in January 2016, there were 51 plants in Rhône-Alps region. The biogas production represented 400 GWh of primary energy for heat and electricity. There was no biomethane production, but 2 plants were under construction. At the same […]

BiogasAction – New developments in Wales

During the first 1 year and half of the BiogasAction project SWEA, the Severn Wye Energy Agency, has been working on different tasks in order to promote and fulfill the targets in BiogasAction and the different challenges in Wales. Several initiatives have been established.

BiogasAction – New developments in the Netherlands

During the first 1 year and a half of the BiogasAction project the consulting firm CCS has been working on different tasks in order to promote and fulfill the targets in BiogasAction and the different challengers in the Netherlands.

BiogasAction – New developments in Denmark

The Danish biogas industry has in recent years seen a major progress. The improved framework conditions is one of the reasons, partly as a result of a long-term commitment from the industry itself, as well as an increased focus on renewable energy and phasing out fossil fuels.

Best Practices

BiogasAction Brochure on Best Regional-Integrated Biogas Plants

This brochure contains information on the ten most interesting biogas plant projects of the Biogas Action project countries, providing the reader with technical data for each plant as well as background information concerning the start-up conditions. The brochure offers a detailed analysis of the current situation and the environment in which the project was drawn […]