European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Energikontor Norra Småland


Regionens Hus, Husargatan 4
SE -551 11 Jönköping
Tel: +46 072-554 58 41

Managing Director: Carlos Pettersson


Energikontor Norra Småland was founded in September 2012 by three regional public agencies. The county of Jönköping was the last territory in Sweden to get its own energy agency. Since 2016 the agency is in the organization of Region Jönköpings län (RJL). RJL is the largest regional public organization whose responsibility is healthcare, culture, infrastructure but also regional development for SME, sustainable development and so forth. Until 2016 the agency was set up in Swerea Swecast, a semiprivate institute for the casting industry. The change to RJL was due to the Swedish energy agency wish to have all regional energy agencies in public ownership.

The agency strives to implement European and Swedish energy and climate goals at regional and local level. The agency is responsible for the coordination of all the municipal energy councilors in 13 municipalities.

Due to regional circumstances Energikontor Norra Småland has three profile themes that all includes energy efficiency and renewable energy. The three profiles are:
1. Sustainable mobility and transports
2. Energy efficient enterprises
3. Sustainable construction and renovation of buildings