Think Global – Act Local

The Energy and Environment Agency Lower Austria (eNu) was founded in January 2012 as a one stop shop for all environmental and energy issues. With expertise in a broad range of areas eNu operates a main office and six branch offices in the federal province of Lower Austria. 90 employees work in three main departments: “Energy & Climate”, “Environment & Lifestyle” “Nature & Resources” and provide services for many different target groups. eNu-experts benefit from the organisation´s regional structure and its over 100,000 customer contacts every year which allows to learn a lot about sustainable living needs. eNu has broad expertise in preparing and implementing trainings, workshops and counselling services and makes a valuable contribution to the awareness-raising of ecological issues. eNu is not only a contact point for citizens, municipalities, enterprises and the government in the federal province of Lower Austria but also a competent regional, national and international project partner. eNu’s experience and specialist knowledge includes national and international projects since a long term change can only work on two levels: global networking and decision-making as well as local commitment and action.

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Energie aus erster Hand in Niederösterreich / TV programme about 100% revewables in electricity for Lower Austria:

Energie aus erster Hand in NÖ /TV programme about 100% revewables in electricity for Lower Austria: Wasser und Biomasse, Sonne und Wind sind die Lieferanten: Das Bundesland Niederösterreich deckt seinen Strombedarf das ganze Jahr über weitestgehend aus erneuerbaren Energien ab. Ein “Österreich-Bild am Sonntag” aus dem ORF Landesstudio Niederösterreich zeigt, wie das im Zusammenspiel ganz […]

“Excellence in Bioenergy Award” for Christiane EGGER! (Upper Austria Energy Agency)

Biomass Magazine and the International Biomass Conference & Expo, which took place at the Minneapolis Convention Center, announced this year’s recipients of its annual industry awards, which were distributed during a ceremony prior to the April 21 general session. The Excellence in Bioenergy award was granted to Christiane Egger, deputy manager of  O.Ö.  Energiesparverband, the […]

Best Practices

Photovoltaic-League Lower Austria

The Lower Austrian Photovoltaic-League awards a prize to communities that have the annual highest growth in photovoltaic (PV) capacity, in Lower Austria, Austria.



International E-Mobility Workshop

The two day-networking-event will focus on the energy reduction potential in the mobility patterns and technology changes of e-mobility. In addition to that participants have the opportunity to test a wide range of e-vehicles at one of Europe’s biggest e-mobility-test-events. Location: Zwentendorf an der Donau (AT)