EREN, Ente Regional de la Energía de Castilla y León, was grounded in 1996 (Law 7/1996) by the regional government and in the framework of the Save Programme, as an energy managing organism at a regional level, aimed to develop the most appropriate regional energy policy, always following the guidelines established by the European Union’s energy policy, on the basis of its main three principles: security of energy supply; competitiveness and, environmental protection.

The European partnership was established with ARELVT-Agencia Regional de Energia de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo (Portugal) and Skane Energy Agency (Sweden).

EREN was established as a tool for the Castilla y León’s economic and social representatives of facing up to these questions related to the SME’s and citizens energy efficiency, at the same moment promoting the renewable energies use and the energy saving endefficiency and, developing the region great energy potential, always taking into the best consideration theenvironmental balance, contributing to the regional sustainable development.

The organisation is composed by a Board of Administration, an Advisory Committee and a Managing Director, which conduct and report the actions developed by EREN as well as its internal functioning, make up by a high specialised and qualified staff divided into three main departments: Energy Saving and Efficiency, Renewable Energies and, External Relations, Training and Education Department.

Actions carried out by EREN in the energy field are focused to promote the energy saving an the exploitation of our renewable energy sources, promoting the regional companies competitiveness and the citizens quality of life, what contributes direct1y to the global economic development of the region.

It is therefore that EREN implements activities and designs initiatives in the following areas:

Energy Planning

  • Developing the main actions identified by the Regional Energy Plan (PERCYL):
  • Development of the Energy Saving, Substitution, Cogeneration and Renewable Energies Programme (PASCER);
  • Activities aimed to promote the energy saving and efficiency in all activity sectors;
  • Dissemination actions on the importance of increasing the regional environmental conditions through an optimal renewable energies exploitation.

Energy Efficiency

  • Elaboration and implementation of a Castilla y León Energy Saving and Efficiency Plan, aimed to companies, SME, public buildings and housing owners;
  • Promotion of processes and more efficient technologies of transforming and energy using in the industrial, residential and services sectors;
  • Energy audits: in the different activity sectors (industries, hospitals, hotels, schools, housings) in order to promote possible solutions implying an optimal energy saving and efficiency
  • Elaboration and implementation of an “Energy Audits Programme in Castilla y León”;
  • Building Certifications in the different activity sectors;
  • Processes of fuel substitution in public transports using alternative ones.

Renewable Energies

Activities aimed to promote the development of the Castilla y Leon high potential of renewable energy sources in all its technical areas: hydropower, biomass, wind energy, solar thermal energy, solar photovoltaics and geothermical energy. EREN will promote projects all around the region, implying local and regional entities, looking for the optimal impact in the local economy, increasing the employment and the quality of life in those localities where the projects are implemented.

Consulting and Advisory Actions

  • Administrative and technical reports;
  • Participating and assisting in working groups at national or regional level dealing with energy matters;
  • Legislation proposals.

Programmes management and co-operation

Promotion, assistance, management, follow up and participation in European Union, National and Regional energy programmes and initiatives;
Co-operation with international, national, regional and local institutions in the energy fields to get the best and more efficient results;
Collaboration in energy networks;
Establishment of co-operation agreements with universities and other public and private entities to develop joint actions on different energy matters.

Information Dissemination and Training

  • Collection of energy data, elaboration and publication of a Bulletin on Energy Statistic in Castilla y León;
  • Elaboration of periodical regional energy studies about the consumption evolution in all activities sectors;
  • Public Reports and recommendations for a more rational use of energy;
  • Seminars, workshops and public courses on different aspects of saving and energy efficiency aimed to both a general public and a most specific sectors;
  • Dissemination campaign on a better use of energy at a regional level, using the media;
  • Organisation of joint dissemination activities on energy efficiency and renewable energies with other regional energy agencies, in national and international context, especially with the EREN partner in this project, the regional energy agency on Lisboa e Vale do Tejo in Portugal.


The Smart Specialisation Platform on Bioenergy

The Smart Specialisation Platform on Bioenergy (S3P) is a tool to improve interregional cooperation through specialisation. From spring 2015 EC launched the initiative of the Smart Specialisation Platforms (S3P) as a joint initiative of the Directorates-General for Regional and Urban Policy, Energy, and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). Energy being a crucial societal challenge for Europe, the pace of development quickly picked up and the S3P-Energy emerged.

Electric vehicles in Natural Areas of Castilla y León Region

The Spanish region of Castilla y León is committed with a sustainable tourism thanks to the initiative of introducing electric vehicles in the regional Natural Parks, in the frame of the project MOVELETUR, SUSTAINABLE TOURISM AND ELECTRIC MOBILITY IN NATURAL AREAS. The project objective is to create a network of tourist itineraries using electric vehicles in […]

Castilla y León: Regional Heating and Cooling strategy for thermal renewables

Castilla y León participates in the Fifth meeting of the Energy and Managing Authorities (EMA) Network which brings together representatives of public energy authorities with representatives of Cohesion Policy Managing Authorities dealing with energy in order to discuss how to make the best use of Cohesion Policy funding to promote energy efficiency, renewables, smart energy […]

European Energy Efficiency Projects

PUBLENEF interacts with multiple EU funded projects focusing on developing, perfecting and implementing energy efficiency policies (see below). Project topics range from evaluation of energy efficiency policies, to capacity building for innovative financing or holistic energy planning.

Best Practices

MOVELETUR Sustainable Tourism and Electric Mobility in Natural Spaces

The project MOVELETUR, the Sustainable Tourism and Electric Mobility in Natural Spaces is a cross-border partnership between Portuguese and Spanish institutions covering the Ávila province of Castilla y Leòn region in Spain.

Castilla y León Energy Efficiency Strategy will reduce 30% of energy consumption by 2020

79 measures will be implemented in the Castilla y León region (Spain) to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission of the region by 2020. The Energy Efficiency Strategy – CyL sets the target of more than 30% reduction.

Castilla y León Bioenergy Action Plan

Castilla y León is the first Region to develop a Bioenergy Regional Plan in Spain.

Biogas plant “Planta de Purines de Almazán (Soria)”

The Regional Government of Castilla y León, Junta de Castilla y León, in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Soria, financed the construction of the plant “Planta de Purines de Almazán (Soria)”.