The Asturian Energy Foundation is the new Regional Energy Agency of the Principado of Asturias (Spain), which adopts the legal figure of Foundation and it’s an entity without lucrative interest, with private nature and with its own legal personality and full capacity to work.

FAEN has been constituted the 16th of July of 2001 and it has been established and starting to work the 1st of February of 2002 with the proposal of Mr. Manuel Penche as the Manager–Director, who has a broad experience on the energy field, he has worked within other enterprises in Gas de Asturias, S.A., Grupo Hidrocantábrico and Duro Felguera.

FAEN general aim and goal is to promote and develop activities related to research, technical development and training with interest for the energetic industry of Asturias, extending those acts to electricity, gas, renewable energies, oil and other energy sectors, energetic and financial markets, and also with other connected sectors, as deliverers and/or consumers.

Its principal aim is to collaborate with the Principado of Asturias in the elaboration of an Energy Planning for the Community, promoting energy savings and diversification. For this reason the Energy Planning of the Principado of Asturias (PLENPA) 2001-2010, has in mind the description of the energy situation of each sector within the region and also the establishment of demand previsions to be reference points for future actions on energy policy.

FAEN works on different activities related with energy as studies, energy planning, diffusion, audits, training, counselling and adviser, technological energy research and financial aid on energy projects.

Representation, administration and management of the Foundation are in the hands of a Management Board, composed by the following entities:

  • Autonomous Community of the Principado of Asturias, represented by the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Regional Council,
  • Economy Development Institute from the Principado of Asturias (IDEPA),
  • University of Oviedo,
  • Mieres City Hall,
  • Official Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Asturias (Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés),
  • Other private enterprises related to the energy sector.

The main mission of FAEN is to:

  • Attend to the Government of the Principado in the elaboration of the Regional Energy Planning,
  • Suggest the origin sources of necessities having the aim on energy saving and environmental consideration,
  • Realization of a continuous pursuit for projects evolution and searching necessary means to facilitate the consecution of the proposed objectives.

in the following areas:

  • Renewable energies,
  • Energy savings and efficiency,
  • Energy planning and external relation.

Renewable Energies

FAEN principal aim is the consecution of general objectives to obtain the 12% of the inside energy consumed with renewable energy, marked by the European Union. Also to facilitate and collaborate in the materialization of investments showed on the Renewable Energy Promotion Plan.

To obtain good results we are working on the generation of new activities and the introduction of new technologies, supporting and advising enterprises, institutions and private agents that demand it to us.

As the pillars where we consolidate our labour are the creation of new jobs and the contribution to a society that will maintain a sustainable economical development, taking the maximum advance of autochthonous resources.

In the area of renewable energies we can advise about the best energy solutions heading to resolve necessities, using autochthonous resources with low costs and important environmental benefits for the entity and society as a whole.

For these reason we are working on:

  • Wind Energy,
  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy,
  • Thermal Solar Energy,
  • Biomass,
  • Wastes valuation,
  • Combustion Batteries and Hydrogen,
  • Mini-hydraulic Energy,
  • Other alternative sources (geothermic, oceanic,….).

We will be pleased to advice and study all the technical and financial possibilities as much as from generation and energy management, as from equipment manufacturing, or a possible commercialisation or research for the development of new energy alternatives.

Energy Savings and Efficiency

The main goal is to reduce energy intensity in a way in which energy necessities will be maintained or even decreased, although the increases of economical activity and for that reason the PIB.

The proposed improvement goals for energy efficiency are divided in two action sectors:

  • Industrial,
  • Tertiary and residential.

The tools to be use to reach those objectives are:

  • Energy audits,
  • Energy planning and management. Proposition of an action plan with a definition of an energy policy, explaining the objectives and general criteria for energy savings and efficiency and a delimitation of concrete action fields,
  • Energy Building Qualification,
  • Training and information,
  • Coordination between university and enterprises or other institutions for the development and implantation of advance technologies.

Energy Planning and External Relations

It does a double mission, by one hand the study of energy situation and demanding previsions of each economical sector as a reference point for possible actions on the energy policy and by the other hand the promotion of different activities related with divulgation and the impulse of interesting projects. For it, this area will develop the following activities:

  • Elaboration of the Energy Balances of the Principado of Asturias (BEPA), annually.
  • Confection of the Energy Planning for the Principado of Asturias 2001-2010 (PLENPA 2001-2010),
  • Advising and training activities promotion for different expert levels, and confection and organization of courses,
  • Diffusion and divulgation information on energy matters by: publications, talks, conferences, seminars, congress,
  • Development of energy programs managed at local, regional, national and European level, with interest to the Principado of Asturias,
  • Cooperation and collaboration with other entities to develop activities on energy matters.
  • Participation in local, regional, national and/or european organizations, for different projects and information exchanges, related with the energy world,
  • Searching the promotion of investments by projects and programs on energy savings and alternative energies use, and also the promotion and participation on diverse mercantilism societies and entities without lucrative interest, for the realization of different projects.


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Best Practices

Energy advice for the municipalities of the Principality of Asturias

FAEN participated in energy issues for municipalities of the Principality of Asturias as a result of a previous agreement signed by FAEN, the Regional Industry and Energy Ministry and the Asturian Councils Federation.