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ICAEN - Institut Català d'Energia

C/ Pamplona, 113, 3a.pta.
E- 08018 Barcelona
Tel: + 34/ 936 220 500
Fax: + 34/ 936 220 501

Director:  Assumpta Farran
Contact: Juan Josep Escobar

The Institut Català d'Energia

The Institut Català d'Energia is a public corporation with its own legal status, set up by the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and created by the Parliament of Catalonia according to law 9/1991 of 3 May 1991.

The main aim behind the creation of the Institut Català d'Energia is that of optimising the management of energy resources and of adapting energy structure to the new international market.

The Institut Català d'Energia encourages the completion of programmes of technological innovation both in the industrial and the tertiary sector, as well as transport, with the support of all players involved with energy, such as producers, consumers, professional associations, equipment manufactures and engineering companies.

Main programmes and activities

Energy assessment programme

  • Industrial Energy Management
  • Industrial Water Saving
  • Municipal and Tertiary Action
  • Promotion of Cogeneration
  • Promotion of the Transport Sector

Investment promotion

  • Participation in energy projects, through its subsidiary company Eficiència
  • Energètica, S.A. (EFIENSA) and, for the health sector Energètica d'Instal.lacions Sanitàries, S.A. (EISSA).
  • Management of aids and lines of financing.

Promotion of renewable energies

  • Promotion of demonstrative projects for the feasibility of renewable energy technologies.
  • Development of studies of potential and lines of research.
  • Information and dissemination to final user
  • Support and assessment to professional associations of the sector.

International co-operation

  • Promotion of the participation of companies in international programmes and technology transfer to third countries.
  • International agreements.
  • Promotion and participation in energy programmes of the European Commission.

Information and training

  • Technical and divulgative publications
  • Organisation of technical courses, conferences and seminar.
  • Creation and support to the Energy Managers Group, for promoting the interchange of information among technicians and professionals.