The Aegean Energy Agency (AEA) is a non-profit organization established in 2008. AEA acts as the scientific and technical advisor of the DAFNI Network of Sustainable Aegean and Ionian Islands, consisting of 35 island local authorities and 2 regional authorities from the Aegean Sea. The primary goal of AEA is to catalyse cooperation between island authorities and investors in order to mature and implement bankable projects on Greek islands in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and mobility. Further, AEA encourages the participation of local authorities and citizens in energy investments through innovative investment schemes and/or cooperatives, raises awareness on the need for citizens to adopt responsible energy consumption patterns and establishes strategic partnerships to promote sustainable solutions for insular regions at European and international levels.

Important activities AEA has engaged in so far:

  • Assistance to FEDARENE for the development of support services, capacity building tools and events for signatories of the Pact of Islands to ensure proper alignment of commitments deriving from the Pact of Islands with the ones deriving from the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy
  • Development and maturation of the Kythnos Smart Island Master Plan in close collaboration with the Municipality of Kythnos and local stakholders
  • Support for the implementation of a pilot hybrid renewable energy project in Kythnos island
  • Development of the “Strategy for RES development, energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions in Aegean islands”
  • Preparation of a Master Plan for the determination of the best spatial planning and distribution of RES (especially wind farms) in the Aegean islands
  • Preparation of a series of other studies to help mature energy efficiency and RES projects on islands
  • Support DAFNI members in identifying the appropriate European and national financial instruments to mature projects and the schemes to finance investments on energy savings and RES
  • Organization of a 3-cycle e-learning capacity building course titled “Energy Academy” offering training to more than 200 individuals (mainly energy officers from local governments, staff members of municipalities/regions and relevant stakeholders) on sustainable energy planning, preparation and development of projects, renewable energy technologies, energy efficient buildings, sustainable mobility, smart grids, energy investment schemes etc.
  • Running of campaigns to raise awareness among citizens on energy efficient behavior
  • Participation in European projects with DAFNI members as direct beneficiaries
  • Organization of conferences, workshops and informational events

Finally, with the assistance and expertise of AEA, DAFNI is implementing the following activities:

  • Study and development of an innovative smart grid project in 5 Aegean islands, funded by the ELENA Programme of the European Commission
  • Coordination of the SMILEGOV project funded by Intelligent Energy Europe that seeks to foster cooperation between different levels of governance (national, regional, local) in order to facilitate the implementation of iSEAPs
  • Development of methodology for the inventory of energy consumption, monitoring of CO2 emissions and implementation of iSEAPs
  • Provision of technical support to 16 municipalities of the Aegean islands to develop iSEAPs as a result of their participation to the “Pact of Islands” initiative


Sustainable Energy Applications in Greek Islands

The Conference “Sustainable Energy Applications in Greek Islands” has investigated the new possibilities and requirements (political, economic, regulatory, technological) that need to be in place for the mobilization of investments in RES, interconnections, energy supply, local energy systems or pilot projects on islands. Read more: press-release-en

Best Practices

Smart Islands Initiative in Greece

AEA (Aegean region, Greece)