The Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE) is a public body of the Valencian Government attached to the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment. The institute, previously called Valencian Energy Agency (AVEN), has been recently renamed according to the Restructuring Measures and Rationalisation of Public Business Sector and Foundation of Valencian Government (D/L 7/2012, October 22).

The main aims of IVACE are managing industrial policy of the Government and business support for innovation, entrepreneurship, internationalisation as well as attracting investment and promoting technological clusters, industrial safety products and industrial facilities.
Its activities include:

  • promoting and fostering business competitiveness, sustainable development and adaptation of Valencian companies to market requirements;
  • enhancing the reorganisation and modernisation of small and medium enterprises as well as facilitating their creation and implementation, with particular attention to technological development, innovation, internationalisation and marketing;
  • encouraging and supporting cooperative joint actions, concentration or merger among small and medium enterprises;
    providing services that contribute to the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises of Valencia as well as its internationalisation;
  • ensuring industrial safety products and industrial facilities and metrology, promoting administrative cooperation;
    attracting and maintaining the investment, both domestic and foreign, in the Valencian Community.


Best Practices

District Heating with biomass in the Valencia region

Todolella, a small town in the Valencia region, Spain, has become a symbol of sustainable town thanks to a District Heating network with biomass that supplies heating and hot water (DHW) to several public and private buildings.

Valencian Community, ES – Improvement of energy performance in traffic lights

The “Improvement of Energy performance in traffic lights” project is one of the several actions of the “Energy Efficiency and Savings Plan” of the Valencian Community which aims at reducing the primary energy consumption of the region. It is part of the collaboration agreement signed by the regional authority with the “Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energia” (IDEA), the Spanish national energy agency.