European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council

Hôtel de Région
151, Avenue du Président Hoover
F 59555 Lille Cedex
Tel: + 33/ 328 82 74 02
Fax: + 33/ 328 82 74 05

Conseiller: Régional: Paulo-Serge Lopes
Director: Christophe Bernard
Contact: Bertrand Lafolie
Contact: Cécile Leclaire


The Region as an administrative division is just twenty years old! Born out the decentralization laws passed in 1982, this very young territorial community has now reached maturity and operates as an autonomous entity while working hand in hand with local communities. The Region manifests itself in the form of:

  • a Regional Council, directly elected by the local people, it makes all major decisions affecting the community,
  • a Regional Social and Economic Council (CESR), a consultative body that represents civil society.

Regional policies
are developed around five major axes:

  • education (lycées, apprenticeship centres, on going training),
  • transport (particularly, the Regional Express Transport system (TER)) and territorial planning and development,
  • development of the information society,
  • social and economic dynamism,
  • and sustainable development (Nord-Pas de Calais was one of the first regions to make a commitment to sustainable development).

As far as Environment is concerned, here are the strategical tendencies:

  • one ambition: to contribute to making Nord-Pas de Calais a recommendation as regards sustainable development,
  • the condition: to innovate in thinking and acting ways,
  • two aims: recovery (to erase the traces of an industrial past that handicap the regional social and economic development, and to make up lost time) and excellence (to spread sustainable development principles at individual and collective level) applied both to urban and economic fields,
  • one work method in three phases: knowledge and evaluation, experimentation and innovation, information and dissemination.

The Environment Services of the Regional Council develops partnerships with regional public, voluntary and corporate sector in the following axis:

  • water,
  • air,
  • biodiversity and natural areas,
  • polluted areas and soils,
  • energy conservation,
  • waste management,
  • urban ecology,
  • environmental education,
  • employment,
  • sober and clean technologies.

Beyond these partnerships, the Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council intend to focus more its own commitments on the following priority targets:

  • preservation of water resources,
  • recovery of regional territory (bringing down of industrial fallow lands, and afforestation and biodiversity plan),
  • environment as mainspring of economic development (emergence of new industries for renewable energy sources, waste management, High Environmental Quality constructions, forming of an excellence centre for management and environment technologies…),
  • sustainable development upon regional territory through charter for regional natural parks and setting up of Agenda 21.