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Region Örebro County Energy Agency


Region Örebro County Energy Agency
Forskarvägen 1
SE - 70183 Örebro
Tel: +46 19 602 63 00


Manager: Peter Åslund,
Contact: Katarina Bååth,

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Region Örebro County Energy Agency, originally founded in 1997, is a regional energy agency in central Sweden and a unit within Region Örebro County. It aims at promoting the efficient and sustainable use of energy and the production of renewable energy. It deals with a wide range of projects on energy and sustainability giving great emphasis to the support of new networks.
Its main objectives are:
•    minimizing the environmental effect from energy production and the use of energy in Örebro region;
•    increasing the energy efficiency in society;
•    contributing to the development and use of local energy sources in a sustainable way;
•    helping and supporting local decision-makers to develop suitable strategies.