The Regional Energy Agency North / Regionalna energetska agencija Sjever began its activities in 2009. It was founded as a public, independent and non-profit institutions in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme by Koprivnica, Varazdin and Virovitica to support and counseling and the provision of services to all stakeholders in the field of energy in northern Croatia.

The Regional Energy Agency of North deals with issues in the area of ​​renewable energy , energy efficiency, rational use of energy and environmental protection. Activities carried out by the agency :

  • The development and implementation of national and EU projects,
  • Energy audits of buildings in the public and private sectors,
  • Thermal imaging,
  • Making energy plans and analysis,
  • Making energy balance, sustainable energy development action plans, programs and studies,
  • Consulting services and technical assistance to public and private sector,
  • The organization of national and international educational workshops , seminars and conferences related to renewable energy , energy efficiency and rational use of energy,
  • Promotion activities related to the specific field of action and raise awareness about energy efficiency and environmental protection,
  • Cooperation with top experts and colleagues from home and abroad.


Innovation Procurement for the refurbishment of Kindergartens

The City of Koprivnica and Regional Energy Agency North (REA Sjever) are preparing a pilot investment to modernize Kindergarten buildings and render these buildings more energy-efficient.

Best Practices

Generating energy savings in General County Hospital Dr. Tomislav Bardek

Hospitals are among best candidates for energy saving projects. Indeed, REA Sjever in Koprivnica, Croatia, started in 2014 this successful long-term energy retrofitting of the General County hospital Koprivnica into an energy efficient hospital.



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