European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Energikontoret Skåne



Nordenskiöldsgatan 17
SE - 211 19 Malmö
Tel: + 46 46 71 99 54
Fax: + 46 40 30 11 48


Manager: Anna Nilsson


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The Energikontoret Skåne is a regional energy agency founded in 1998 thanks support from the European SAVE program. It is also a department within the Association of Local Authorities in Skåne, a member organization of the municipalities within the region. The agency is aimed at initiating, coordinating and participating in projects, creating networks and organising training courses and seminars in the energy field.
The main actions carried out by Skåne Energy Agency are focused on the following areas:
•    energy saving in industrial, commercial and private sectors;
•    biogas, solar energy and pellet within the field of renewable energy sources;
•    clean vehicles;
•    energy planning.