The Energikontoret Skåne is a regional energy agency founded in 1998 thanks support from the European SAVE program. It is also a department within the Association of Local Authorities in Skåne, a member organization of the municipalities within the region. The agency is aimed at initiating, coordinating and participating in projects, creating networks and organising training courses and seminars in the energy field.
The main actions carried out by Skåne Energy Agency are focused on the following areas:
•    energy saving in industrial, commercial and private sectors;
•    biogas, solar energy and pellet within the field of renewable energy sources;
•    clean vehicles;
•    energy planning.


Sustainable Energy Investments catalysed by EU Structural Funds

The added value of European Union’s financial programmes is made tangible through local and regional initiatives. Local and regional initiatives show the cohesion policy is both a catalyst for investment and a means for beneficiaries to raise their ambitions and take ownership of the European objectives, and specifically the ones of the Energy Union.

Skåne : the EU funded Project “SOL I SYD”

The number of installed photovoltaic systems in Sweden is increasing rapidly, but solar power still accounts for a marginal share of total energy production. Interest in the technology and the long-term potential is great. The EU project “Sol I Syd” aims at stimulating the number of solar investments in Skåne and Blekinge, by further efforts […]

Best Practices