Severn Wye Energy Agency is an independent, national charity and not-for-profit company which aims to promote sustainable energy and affordable warmth through partnership, awareness-raising, innovation and strategic action.

The charity’s aim is to help everyone within the communities it serves to enjoy the benefits that energy can bring, without reducing the ability of future generations to do the same.

Originally established in 1999 under the European Commission SAVE programme, Severn Wye works with a wide range of clients and funders – from private businesses and government bodies, through to local community groups, charity organisations and schools.

It runs a portfolio of projects covering energy efficiency, renewable energy, affordable warmth and sustainable transport mainly focusing on areas like Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Wales – although it works across the UK on other projects. The charity also manages a free, local and impartial energy advice line for householders.

Severn Wye’s charitable aims are:

The advancement of education for the public benefit in relation to energy conservation, energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources of energy.
The relief of fuel poverty and the preservation and protection of health by promoting the efficient use of energy and use of renewable sources of energy.


BiogasAction – New developments in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Biogas production in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes The biogas production in the region made big changes. When the BiogasAction project began, in January 2016, there were 51 plants in Rhône-Alps region. The biogas production represented 400 GWh of primary energy for heat and electricity. There was no biomethane production, but 2 plants were under construction. At the same […]

BiogasAction – New developments in Wales

During the first 1 year and half of the BiogasAction project SWEA, the Severn Wye Energy Agency, has been working on different tasks in order to promote and fulfill the targets in BiogasAction and the different challenges in Wales. Several initiatives have been established.

BiogasAction – New developments in the Netherlands

During the first 1 year and a half of the BiogasAction project the consulting firm CCS has been working on different tasks in order to promote and fulfill the targets in BiogasAction and the different challengers in the Netherlands.

BiogasAction – New developments in Denmark

The Danish biogas industry has in recent years seen a major progress. The improved framework conditions is one of the reasons, partly as a result of a long-term commitment from the industry itself, as well as an increased focus on renewable energy and phasing out fossil fuels.

Best Practices

BiogasAction Brochure on Best Regional-Integrated Biogas Plants

This brochure contains information on the ten most interesting biogas plant projects of the Biogas Action project countries, providing the reader with technical data for each plant as well as background information concerning the start-up conditions. The brochure offers a detailed analysis of the current situation and the environment in which the project was drawn […]

Future-proofing homes against fuel poverty

Despite all previous efforts to lift low income households out of fuel poverty, due to energy costs rising faster than the general cost of living, fuel poverty is increasing. As a solution, the South East Wales Energy Agency set out to fully fund external wall insulation plus any other applicable measures to future proof homes against fuel poverty.

Energy Neighbourhoods

The Energy Neighbourhood Project’s aim is inspiring and encouraging communities to reduce energy consumption through behaviour changes.

Prison Energy Project Severn Wye Energy Agency, UK

The project sought to engage prison services and its communities in a holistic approach, delivering energy surveys to prisons, offender education, staff training, advice and support to offenders’ families.


European Barriers Report

This is aimed at those considering development of an AD plant, covering the main aspects needing consideration, specific to each EU country involved in the project.