European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Regional & Local financing for sustainable energy planning, 20 June – Milan


Thematic Workshop: Regional and Local financing for sustainable energy planning

Friday 20th June, 9:00 pm – 5:00 pm

MILAN, Italy

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Regional and local authorities in Europe are widely collaborating in planning and implementing measures to reach sustainable energy targets by 2020 and beyond. Financing the implementation of regional and local strategies and projects is a major challenge in this moment of economic crisis and tight budgetary constraints for public administrations. Which instruments and approaches are regional and local authorities using to finance their collaboration efforts for sustainable energy? Which resources and funds are currently available at European, national and sub-national levels? Which public and private actors are involved in these financing models?

The Thematic Workshop “Regional and Local financing for sustainable energy planning”, organized within the IEE co-funded COOPENERGY project, aims to address these questions with the help of testimonies from European regions, stakeholders and European level experts who can provide their technical expertise and feed the debate on the topic.

The Workshop is organized in two parts:

  • the morning sessions will focus in particular on key financial instruments for the implementation of multi-level governance models in sustainable energy planning by public authorities. The results of the European survey carried out within the project to map existing successful multi-level governance models will be presented during the Workshop.
  • in the afternoon session, partner regions of the project will share and exchange their experiences in implementing joint financial actions and projects related to sustainable energy; also other interested participants are welcome to attend the afternoon.