European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Succeeding in the Energy and Environmental Transition, 3 December, Paris

The Abruzzo Region organized a workshop on Succeeding in the Energy and Environmental transition on 3 December 2015 in Paris, during the COP21 European Forum.

Concrete experiences in tackling climate change challenges, sustainability and renewable energy sources

Welcome and greetings

  • Mario Mazzocca, Undersecretary Regione Abruzzo

Presentations by Invited Speakers :

 European policies and initiatives on Climate Change

  • Elodie Bossio, Covenant of Mayors Office – The new Covenant of Mayors Initiative

Social and entrepreneurial impact of climate change

  • Valerio CalzolaioClimate Refugees
  • Ercole Cauti, Director of Capitank – Environmental sustainability as a key factor to boost competitiveness of the pharmaceutical and chemical sector

 Adaptation and mitigation to climate change: the perspectives of different countries of the world

  • Maïmouna Abdallahi Saleck, Village de la Biodiversité de Nouakchott – Nouakchott, Climate: head on the air; feet on the earth

 The multi-level governance: actions and programmes implemented at macro-regional level

  • Hrvoje Maras, REGEA – Empowering public authorities in the macro-Adriatic Ionian Region to establish long term energy renovation strategies
  • Paolo Angelini, Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea, DG SVI – The river contracts
  • Lead Beneficiary, Managing Authority – Alterenergy project as a tangible model of governance. The bottom-up strategy approach

Actions and programmes implemented at local level