European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Abruzzo Region’s contribution to the UN Climate Change Conference

Picture - Abruzzo RegionAbruzzo Region, on behalf of FEDARENE, had the opportunity to take part in the UN Climate Change Conference, that took place in Warsaw from the 11th to 22th November 2013. The region’s participation in the event played a really strategic role as it helped to move forward the debate on effective ways to promote sustainable energy and environmental protection at the local and regional level, exporting the successful model offered by the Covenant of Mayors.
On the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference, a regional delegation was invited as first speaker at the side event “United Energy in Transition: local, national, European – and global?” organized by Climate Alliance in collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors Office; the conference focused on the role of Covenant of Mayors in assuring a prompt answer from regions in terms of progress in the energy transition process and gave direct voice to delegates and representatives at the local and national level. Abruzzo Region actively contributed to this meeting dealing with the successful experience of the Covenant of Mayors governance between the Region, the Provinces and the Towns and deeply explained the bottom-up strategy that has been set up in the implementation of the Covenant of Mayor in the region.
The Abruzzo region’s involvement in the meeting was confirmed also by an interesting interview that its delegation released to RTCC (Responding to climate change).
On the occasion of the prestigious UN Climate Change Conference, the region had the chance to share experience and export the model of the Governance of the Covenant of Mayors as well as best practices at the Italian and European level.

It is important to stress FEDARENE technical support in this process constantly helping regional and local authorities find the best solutions and share successful experiences and best practices within its flourishing network.