European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

ARENE – Île-de-France: International Climate and Energy Conference, 13 April

Place & Date: Halle Pajol, Paris (France); 13 April 2015

The negotiations to reach an ambitious agreement between States are already in progress, in December in Paris, during the 21st conference of the convention’s parties of the United Nations about the climate change, called COP21.

The extraordinary summit concerning the adoption of sustainable development goals will take place in New York in September to define a new development program.

The worldwide conference “Climate and Territories”, beginning in July in Lyon, will gather local authorities, the non-state actors, which both want to highlight their role to commit in the struggle against climate change.

In this perspective, ARENE Île-de-France, which supports territories regarding energy and climate issues, proposes to share the experience of three territories: Île-de-France, Croatia and the region of Dakar.

Troughout this day an array of subjects will be approached, such as local stakes, innovation and possibilities to reduce greenhouse gas. This workshop will also be the opportunity to learn from each other and to enhance our capacity to build common action.

Registration is free, but mandatory.

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