European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Award ceremony EESI 2020 – and the winners are…


Category “Best Energy Service Project”

Gran Teatre deLICEUl Liceu Barcelona: By installing a highly efficient air conditioning system and by introducing a new building management system, the annual electric consumption has been reduced by 43.8 percent and the biogas consumption by 35.8 percent since the implementation of the measures.





BIG Pool 4BIG Pool 4, Lower Austria (in Baden, Krems/Donau, St. Pölten, Wiener Neustadt and others): Energy-saving contract on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture in cooperation with Siemens AG and the Federal Real Estate Company. Various measures have been implemented to reduce the energy consumption of a building pool consisting of 38 schools. In the first decade of the Energy Performance Contracting, the energy consumption was reduced by 23 percent and the CO2 emissions by 2,800 tons annually.




Jihlava hospital, Czech Republic, Highlands Region: Energy Performance Contract with the energy provider ENESA. Annual cost savings of 484,000 Euros through primary energy savings of 28 percent for gas and 46 percent for electricity.

Category “Best European Energy Service Provider”

CofelyCofely Germany GmbH: As energy performance contractor, Cofely has energetically optimised a building pool of the St. Augustine Police in North Rhine-Westphalia, consisting of 84 buildings and nearly 130,000 square meters of surface area. Cofely has guaranteed a reduction of energy costs by 55 percent and CO2 emissions by 5,200 tons per year for a period of ten years.





Category “Best European Energy Service Promoter”

ConsipCONSIP SpA, Public Joint Stock Company of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance: Creating centralised guidelines, tendering and contract templates for energy performance contracting for Italian administrations. Through this, cost reductions of 25 percent for a total of approximately 13,000 public buildings were achieved.






HessenMinistry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development, State of Hessen: the enhancement of the energy-services sector will enable the State of Hessen to obtain its energy entirely from renewable energy sources by 2050. Hessen has set standards by developing its guideline “Energy performance contracting in public buildings”. Since 2001, four million euro cost savings and annual CO2 savings of 15,000 tonnes were achieved in Hessen.