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Guida ai Contratti di Prestazione Energetica negli Edifici Pubblici

Guida CPE negli Edifici Pubblici

“Protecting the climate and upgrade energy systems even in the absence of funds.” This motto is closely related to contracts for energy saving since the late 90s. In many schools, social housing, hospitals, and public swimming pools, the model has shown that the term is not just an empty box, but it has become a way to provide innovative services based on real experience technical, legal and commercial.

Since then much water has passed under the bridge of Energy Efficiency. In 2009, the Province of Milan, after joining the Covenant of Mayors as a support structure, has launched an ambitious investment program with the help of “ELENA”, a Technical Assistance  facility funded by the European Commission and managed by the European Investment Bank.

The results of this project have been collected and described in a publication “Guide to Energy Performance Contracts in Public Buildings” published by Enea, the Italian Energy Agency and the Ministry of Economic Development.  The guide has been written by Sergio Zabot, former director of the Energy Sector of the Province of Milan, who designed and managed the entire project.

With this work the author, as well as to describe the experience carried out, intends to systematize and trace a path that public Administrations, and Municipalities in particular, can use to upgrade the buildings in their ownership and reduce maintenance costs.