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New Bioproduct Mill to Äänekoski, Central Finland

Havainnekuva-maisemassaOn 21th April 2015 Metsä Group announced, that they are ready for forest industry’s biggest investment in Finland. The investment is 1.2 billion €, and means 2,500 jobs in the whole value chain in Finland. The mill will be ramped up during the first quarter of year 2017.

The main product of the new mill is pulp, but both raw materials and side streams will be utilized 100 %. Refinery processes will lead to high quality biomaterials, biochemical, fertilizers and bioenergy. The new mill is 240% electricity self-sufficient and will not use any fossil fuels. Electricity use is 750 GWh/a, and electricity generation is approximately 1800GWh/a. This means, that the new mill will generate 2.5 % of all electricity in Finland, and all this is renewable energy.


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