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New world energy scenarios and unexpected challenges in the International Energy Agency’s report “World Energy Outlook – 2013”

Picture-IEA-Report-2013The International Energy Agency recently published the 2013 edition of the World Energy Outlook (WEO – 2013). The traditional annual report presents a complete overview of the world energy trends providing readers with detailed statistics and analysis that deep onto the subject. What IEA found out in its publication is a developing scenario in which global energy demand will rise by one-third in the period up to 2035 and geographical regions change their strategic role as energy suppliers and powerful energy actors. The most significant change in this process will be the Middle Est, the only large source of low-cost oil, that will take back its role as key source of oil supply growth from the mid-2020s, but without loosing its strategic importance. America and Brazil will affirm as growing energy providers able to efficiently answer energy needs. Furthermore, the rising global energy demand will open up new oil resources but, as stressed by IEA, this won’t cause the beginning of an era of oil abundance.

Click here to download the IEA’s Executive Summary of the “World Energy Outlook – 2013”.